Stage 1

Back in February 2014 I got back in touch with our adoption agency to register our interest. We had to wait until March for a social worker to visit us but it was worth the wait! She gave us lots more information and talked us through the process, we were amazed at the supposed speed of the new process and wanted to get on with it as quickly as we could.

Our agency only runs 4 prep courses a year and as a teacher the only one we could attend was in August. This meant that we couldn’t start stage 1 straight away but we could begin the reading now, one tip write a review of everything you read/ watch related to adoption as it will come in VERY useful later in the process. I wasn’t told this so I’m now having to re-read some things to write a review!

Our social worker returned to see us in May and helped us with the specifics of the stage 1 documents, pet questionnaires for our lovely 2 dogs, family trees, chronology, finance forms and a support map. We filled in our DBS forms and sent them off after 8 weeks we still hadn’t had them returned so started to chase them up, this was the most stressful part of the process to date. Lots of phone calls, emails and crying my certificate turned up, my husbands was still in the early stages. By now it was the start of August so off we went on our prep course, an extremely useful week in London. But this meant we couldn’t keep chasing up T’s DBS, whilst in London we saw our social worker who was pleased we were finding the course useful and hadn’t been put off. We knew that we had to have T’s certificate by the time our social worker came back from leave if we wanted to start stage 2 on September 1st. This gave us 3 weeks, the certificate kept us waiting until the last minute and eventually arrived the day before our social worker returned from her leave!

Now we could relax, well for a week.


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