The future..?

So with less than a 100 days until our potential panel date and the social worker visiting again in 2 days my mind has started wandering. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the child/ren we will be placed with. How old will they be? Boy/ girl? What will they enjoy doing? I have perminant butterflies of nerves an

d excitement, I expect these will only get stronger the further we go!

My husband and I are proactive, and we want to get things moving as quickly as possible. I have done lots of courses that are relevant so have filed all the certificates in our portfolio, we have planned a sample menu, written LOTS of book reviews and got some of our friends to write supporting statements. I have done lots of research online but struggled to find anything on what else we may need to include in our portfolio. This mystery doesn’t help my nerves!

Now to make sure the house and garden are ready for Friday and find out what stage 2 really entails. 



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