So today we had the first part of our stage 2 assessment. In my head I’ve had a timeline of events in my head and whilst I knew it wouldn’t work to my plan I didn’t expect what she told us. Due to our work/ living arrangements it is going to be another year before we can look at being placed with children, we were hoping 4/5 months. I totally understand the reasons behind the decision but it doesn’t make it any easier. Local authorities won’t be willing to place children with us when we will be moving in August, they will want us both to be living together and settled in our new area to make connections for support. Still made my stomach churne hearing the news. 


But on a brighter note, onwards and upwards! It’s taken us this long so far another 6 months just gives us longer to prepare. Our sw still wants to aim for a December panel, as long as she can fit all the visits in her busy schedule. Trying to prepare for the fact it might end up being January. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for December, what a christmas present that will be!! 


More stage 2 tomorrow…


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