More stage 2

This week our social worker came back to visit us. She spent 3 days with us, 1 day with each of us alone and 1 day with us both together. It was a successful 3 days. She watched us with a friends daughter to see how we interact with children. Whilst we spend a lot of time with C looking after her, on days out etc this was a very bizarre situation. C knows that we are in the process of adoption and has done a lovely letter and picture for our portfolio but for an 8 year old its difficult to find out why there wasn’t a child with the social worker!

The social worker looked through our portfolio and gave us lots of positives about the work we have done so far. We now have to order our portfolio looking at how we meet each of the competencies.

Back to to the waiting- our social worker told us we are still on track for December panel but she had to discuss this with her boss on Thursday and would email us back this week. It’s now Saturday and we’ve still not heard. So December or January. Who knows!


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